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Graduate School of Business

Course Descriptions

SDM 5101 Strategic Analysis
This course focuses on examining the methodology of identifying the position and disposition of products, industries, brands, companies, service or ideas compared to their competitors. The course also concentrates on defining the parameters of the comparisons.

SDM 5102 Design Thinking for Business
This course focuses on exploring the role of design in strategic innovation; investigating how cognitive emphasis improve or impede communication, and illustrating the benefits of a design-driven multi-disciplinary approach to innovation.

SDM 5102 Strategic Design
This course focuses on examining strategic design process which is the outcome of the proposal of potentials with the parameters of strategic analysis results

SDM 5004 Concept & Context
This course focuses on the conceptualization process of visual design. Students will learn how to solve problems creatively, be imaginative, think laterally and extend and transform problems by designing innovative solutions.

SDM 5410 Strategic Design Research 
The course focuses on the analysis of strategic design problems and the use of scientific research as a problem-solving tool. This encompasses the understanding and application of appropriate research designs, research statistics, the use of the computer for data analyses, and report writing and presentation.

SDM 5305 Design Policy
This course focuses on exploring the law, directives, practice and process determined and implemented by the policy makers which concern creavite industries.

SDM 5303 Design Theory 
This course focuses on examining, analyzing, studing, and discussing how design can be understood, described, and developed as a process of inquiry, thought, and action.

SDM 5301 Idea Visualisation
In this course, the focus is on real-time sketching and diagramming among groups in order to enhance right-brain activity; effectively summarize issues; empower and extract ideas from everyone; and foster collaboration through shared imagery.