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Graduate School of Business

Strategic Design and Management

Program Title: Strategic Design and Management
Program Language/Type: English / Non-Thesis
Program Coordinator: Yrd. Doç. Dr. İpek Torun
Assistant Coordinator: Mert Bozalan

Phone: +90 212 381 01 87



Design as a discipline has increasingly become more important over the years as it is accepted to be vital to become distinguished in sectors that manufacture goods and services for end consumers. The importance placed on design sectors and the budget assigned to them have also increased. Design as a discipline has evolved into a relevant and hot topic among executive boards in businesses of all kinds, and the professional who come from backgrounds of design have been given positions such as CDOs (Chief Design Officer) in higher management circles. Companies such as Philips and Apple are using their competence in design as a driving force in the market and make managerial decisions under the influence of it. Hence, within the last decade the synchronization between design and management disciplines have become a must for businesses.

Our program aims to reach out to business professionals and entrepreneurs who have operational and business management backgrounds yet lack any competence in design discipline, and provide them with an education so that they may wholistically reach their goals of becoming senior executives in today’s businesses. On the other hand, applicants who aim to build an innovative line of business and model through receiving the necessary vision, background and skills will benefit from our program especially in regards to fields of “business design” and “strategic design”.