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Graduate School of Business

Course Descriptions

MAR5100 Innovation Management
Innovation Management focuses on the process of designing innovative new information-based services, including problem definition, research, design, development, and execution. Concepts include blueprinting, ideation, blue ocean strategy, branding, observation and interview, personas, storyboards, customer journey, stage-gate process and project portfolio management.

MAR5101 Theory of Marketing
This course will consider major contemporary issues in marketing theory, understand the history and evolution of marketing thought, understand the fundamental issues involved in the philosophy of science and its impact on marketing inquiry, enhance the ability to conduct scientifically respectable research and to evaluate research in a professional-critical manner.

MAR5102 Value Chain Management
The course’s objective is to make students recognize strategic challenges and opportunities for managing value chains, teach students to use several basic analytical tools to assess performance trade offs and support decision making, become familiar with several value chain strategies that have been adopted by leading companies.

MAR5111 Services Marketing and Management
This course focuses on the distinctive aspects of service organizations including the importance of service quality and how marketing goals, mixes and strategies are tailored accordingly. Students will learn about new developments in the marketing of services, including the Internet, and how they apply in different settings, including financial, professional and not-for-profit.

MAR5201 Crisis Communications
Crisis management is one of the most visible responsibilities of the corporate communications and PR profession. This course approaches the subject as a strategic opportunity to develop an integrated point of view to protect the reputation, brand and survival of an organization. Based on an initial demonstration by faculty of a strategic approach to crisis planning, analysis and evaluation, students will present both current crisis cases and also historical crises.

MAR5202 Marketing Public Relations Management
An important part of any product or service branding effort, MPR uniquely employs public relations strategies and tactics to attain corporate or organizational marketing and sales objectives. This course will demonstrate how public relations can both lead and contribute to effective integrated marketing programs. Student teams prepare and present complete integrated MPR plans for either a corporate or a global not-for-profit business-related foundation client.

MAR5204 Advertising Management
The primary objective of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to analyze, design, and evaluate various advertising decisions. The course focuses on the concepts, theory, models, and findings from marketing, marketing research, communication research, and management science that are relevant to the design and evaluation of advertising. The specific topics covered in this course include advertising as a communications process, research for advertising strategy development, determining the advertising budget, media strategy, media selection models, evaluating advertising effectiveness, and evaluating the advertising campaign.

MAR5206 Marketing Communications Management
An analysis of marketing communications from business, social, economic, and political perspectives, this course provides an in-depth discussion of advertising and promotion as key tools in marketing new and established products. It examines advertising planning and management, research, creative development, media selection, direct response, and advertising agencies. Emphasis is on new media technologies and the growing use of alternative media in communicating with selected publics.

MAR5301 Statistical Methods in Research
This course introduces commonly used statistical techniques. The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of statistical techniques and a tool box of methodologies. Intuitive developments and practical use of the techniques are emphasized. Topics include the basic laws of probability and descriptive statistics, conditional probability, random variables, expectation, discrete and continuous probability models, joint and sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, point estimation, confidence intervals, contingency tables, logistic regression, and linear and multiple regression.

MAR5303 Qualitative Marketing Research
This course is designed to provide an overview of qualitative marketing research and its use in making effective marketing decisions. It emphasizes two things that are very relevant for a marketing manager: how to evaluate the design of research studies to assess whether the results are valid and meaningful; and how to analyze and interpret market research data for marketing decision making. Towards this end, the course will examine a variety of qualitative research techniques, including focus groups, observation, in-depth interviews, ZMET, and projective techniques.

MAR5402 Globalization and Business Strategy
This course provides an advanced coverage of the development and transformation of business enterprise within the global economy, by focusing on the business strategy and dynamics of institutional and organizational change resulted from today’s globalization process. This includes the effect of structural, institutional, and organizational change upon the strategy of the business enterprises for survival and success in the contemporary hyper-competitive, technology-driven, fast-paced, uncertain environment

MAR5702 Building Powerful Brands
This course teaches students the strategic significance of the role of brands in creating shareholder value. Lectures, cases, discussions, exercises and projects are used to develop the core principles related to branding; understanding of how to develop a brand positioning, managing total brand experience, how to manage the brand relevancy over time, familiarity with the methodologies to evaluate brand equity, how to achieve growth through brand extension brand design and brand messaging.

MAR5801 Theory of Consumer Behavior
This course is designed to introduce and familiarize students with the basic concepts and procedures for investigating consumers’ and industrial users’ buying habits, pre-purchase decision processes, and post-purchase evaluation processes. Emphasis will be on assessing the importance of various factors within the market environment and their influences on the assessment of individuals and groups attitudinal and behavior outcomes in different market situations as well as in developing workable managerial strategies.

MAR5901 Seminar in Marketing
The course covers current research and practice components of marketing management. In-depth discussion of marketing mix variables, segmentation, targeting and positioning, and budget-related issues will also be included in the course.

MAR5999 Project
Culminating in an individual piece of research in which learning on the program is applied to an appropriate topic of interest/specialization, under the guidance of a supervisor.

BUS5074 e- Business and Internet Marketing
This course focuses on different dimensions of business on Internet. The students will get an overview about organizational transformations of e-Business, knowledge management, and legal & ethical issues of Internet. The main topics are as follows: introduction to e-Business; e-Business models, e-Business strategy formulation; organisational transformation for e-Business, B2B transactions, knowledge management; on-line services; on-line retailing; security, legal and ethical Issues; E-Business technological infrastructure; generating an E-Business idea and creating a successful e-Commerce web site; internet marketing, mixing offline and online marketing communication; on-line advertising amd P.R; search engine advertising; cases for e-business and internet marketing in Turkey.

BUS5164 International Business
The main topics of this course are International background of business; comparative cultural, political, legal and economic environments in business world; theories of trade; foreign investment; government influence on trade; international cooperations and agreements; global foreign exchange and capital markets; international business strategy; export-import strategies; marketing etc.

MAR5888 Thesis
The course content is based on the student’s approach to the relevant field of his/her choice. A primary aim of the thesis is to assist each individual student to identify a methodology and means to express their ideas and to locate their work within a wider context. An important aspect of this is to develop a strong awareness of how the context can inform that process as well as affect the reading and understanding of each individual student.