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Graduate School of Business

Global Affairs (Weekend Section)

Program Title: Global Affairs
Program Language/Type: English/ Thesis – Non-Thesis
ProgramCoordinator: Doç. Dr. Ebru Canan Sokullu
Assistant Coordinator: İhsan Alpargın

Contact Number: 0 212 381 01 67



The Master of Global Affairs (MGA) provides an outstanding professional, multidisciplinary education to train the next generation of global leaders of international institutions, global civil society, and business. The MGA will equip students with a sophisticated understanding of the larger political, economic, and social contexts of global affairs and with the skills necessary to work strategically and effectively within the evolving global system. The MGA will integrate the study of global institutions, global civil society, and the global economy and markets into the same program, and requires that students learn about each area—and about the inter-connections between them. In offering a curriculum that provides both breadth and depth, the MGA draws on the scholarly strength of faculty from a range of disciplines and subject areas.

This program equips students with an awareness of global economic and financial systems, global civil society, and global strategic and security issues. It brings scholars and practitioners together to ensure that students’ thinking is informed by rigorous theoretical work as well as real-time, real-world experience. The program enables students to specialize in one of three streams—the global economy, global civil society, or global institutions—only after having achieved a level of fluency in all three. It provides students with the critical management skills required to take a leadership role in their chosen field and prepares them for strategic thinking and responsible leadership on global issues.