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Graduate School of Business

Program Structure

Master’s Program in Financial Economics consist total 10 must courses and a project course.

70% attendance is essential in the classes of master programs .

Our courses take place weekday evenings between the hours of 19:00 to 22:00 at Karaköy Campus.

Duration of the program is three semesters.

For International Students: Please check part of the International Office on the Bahcesehir University web page.

Financial economics encompasses a broad area of topics and issues, including corporate investments and financing policy, security valuation, portfolio management, the behavior of prices in speculative markets, financial institutions, and intermediation. Students must understand the economic theory on which most of the financial economics is based in addition to having strong quantitative skills.

The financial economics program in Bahcesehir University is designed to give the student a strong background for study and research in both theoretical and empirical work in finance and related areas. Emphasis is placed on understanding the important concepts and models. In addition to having strong quantitative skills. The program offers two courses (derivatives and Business Forecasting) specifically in financial theory and its applications. Examples of potential areas of research for the financial economics dissertation include : stochastic behavior of security prices, contingent claims analysis and option pricing, equilibrium models with rational expectations, game theoretic models of competitive markets, economics of information, principal-agent relationships, financial intermediation, efficiency of markets and portfolio selection.