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Graduate School of Business

Course Descriptions

EBS5201 Marketing Management
Introduction of marketing as the principal mechanism for the provision of choice in free markets and consideration of the core philosophy of marketing and the foundations for marketing management. Evaluating the fundamental marketing precepts; the application of marketing concepts, and elements of marketing management. The opportunity for students to assimilate, synthesize and apply key marketing concepts and techniques. Practice of marketing in an organizational context. Coverage of the following issues: the role of marketing -marketing as a social and managerial system for the provision of choice, a mechanism of exchange and a means of constructing cultural meaning; marketing philosophies- the evolution of marketing as an academic discipline and its development and application within different organizational forms; the customer-marketing interface – the decision-making process; influence of societal factors, personal factors and marketing interventions on customer behavior; core notions within marketing – branding, the role of segmentation, targeting and positioning, the marketing mix and its elements.

EBS5301 Research Methods
Learning the research process where students learn how to formulate a research question and define a research problem, decide upon a research design, how to assess data collection methods, define a sampling frame, determine types of data analyses, interpret data appropriately, and prepare a research report. Further, an understanding of the importance of research in the development of communication strategies. An examination of specific methods used for communication research. Different sections focusing on different methods, including focus groups and in-depth interviewing, polling and content analysis, survey research, and online research.

EBS5102 Human Resources Management
Theoretical developments in organizational learning and human resources development; designing training programs for human resource development in various settings; developing policies and procedures for training in organizational perspective; methods for conducting needs assessment, defining training objectives, determining and organizing content, formulating evaluation strategies.

EBS5103 Strategic Management
Examining how organizations (both for-profit companies and non-profit agencies) gain sustainable competitive advantages. Integrating knowledge and skills gained from studies in the functional areas of business. Applying a general management point of view? decisions and strategies with reference to the total enterprise. Coverage of the elements of the strategic management process; analyzing industry structure and environmental trends to assess industry potential; assessing a firm?s resources for their potential to generate a competitive advantage; introduction to the internet economy.

EBS5410 Finance
The course is concerned with the concepts and techniques employed in competing for capital in the global marketplace, and managing the firm in a manner which preserves its competitiveness as a repository for capital. Since this is a core course designed for all MBA students, it develops financial concepts that form the essential background for managers from all disciplines who make decisions for firms that draw capital from public markets either directly through securities or indirectly through financial intermediaries. The role of the financial markets in accomplishing an optimal allocation of economic resources is a central issue. Students should finish the course with a much improved understanding of the management/investor relationship, reflected in financial transactions such as hostile takeovers, leveraged buyouts, spinoffs, public offerings, and so on.

EBS5420 Accounting
The aim of this course is to give general information about the basic concepts of accounting, to analyse regulation and interpretation of the basic financial statements, and to discuss current accounting topics. The main topics of the course are basic concepts of accounting, accounting practices, financial statements and accounting standards.

EBS5612 Operations Management
Through models, exploring how the operations function plays a vital role in achieving a company’s strategic plans and is a major determinant of a company’s financial performance. Forecasting, design, inventory management, facilities planning, location, and supply chain issues.

ECO5001 Managerial Economics
Main focus on business decisions, making extensive use of cases. Basic supply-demand theory and marginal analysis, the structure of decision problems, the impact of the market setting (i.e., competitive, oligopolistic or monopolistic structures) and strategic interactions among firms using game theory. Use of economic reasoning to solve actual business decision problems.

EBS5292 Integrated Marketing Communications
An analysis of marketing communications from business, social, economic, and political perspectives, this course provides an in-depth discussion of advertising and promotion as key tools in marketing new and established products. It examines advertising planning and management, research, creative development, media selection, direct response, and advertising agencies. Emphasis is on new media technologies and the growing use of alternative media in communicating with selected publics.

EBS5110 Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Behavior studies are one of the business fields which investigate the act of individuals and groups in an organization. The aim of that course in our programme is to show relationships among individuals, people, groups, and systems which affect organization’s effectiveness.

EBS5204 Crisis Management and Leadership
The purpose of that course is to show what kind attitudes and approaches should be shown that happen in crisis as well as to provide a perspective to prevent the occurence of crisis in respect of precautions. Also, the other purpose is to be determined managers qualitites that provide to make the success of the leadership about how the benefit can be provided in consequence of crisis , and to be determined the concept of leadership in this context.

EBS5999 Project
Culminating in an individual piece of research in which learning on the program is applied to an appropriate topic of interest/specialization, under the guidance of a supervisor.It has to be writtten in accordance with the University Thesis/Project Writing Manual.