Graduate School of Business


Born in 1969, Merve Yerdelen Mehmet studied in Business Administration at Istanbul University where she graduated from in 1990. In 1993, she completed his graduate studies at and London School of Economics and Political Science in UK and mastering a joint degree in Economics and Political Economy. Currently she is pursuing her PhD degree in Business Administration in Bahçeşehir University.

Merve has worked in Turkish Bank Istanbul as a treasurer between 1990 to 1991, in Satko Telecommunications as a marketing coordinator and acted as a chief negotiators and project manager for Turk Telekom Internet Infrastructure project between 1993 to 1996.

She worked in Tatmak Group in various roles; as Marketing Manager, Assistant General Manager and as Member of the Board between 1996 to 2003. Her focus was mainly on new business creation, operations management, company audit, corporate relations, and mergers and acquisitions. After 2000 company made a joint venture with a German company, Putzmaister GMBH. She stayed as the Company Partner and Board Member until the company fully acquired by Putzmaister A.G. in 2008.

In the man time, in 2003, she has taken on posts of General Manager and the Board Member of Karyer Company which has been active in the field of International Trade since 1953. Company’ main fields of expertise are mining, construction equipment and industrial machinery. Currently, she is the Board Member and the Managing Partner in Karyer Company.

She is also a founding partner in MeMap New Generation Fitness start-up company which aims to create shared value for the community to raise awareness about what fitness really means and help people learn how to own their body. Company has been awarded a European Patent for its methods and applications.

Since 2012, she has been teaching courses in Strategic Management and International Trade in Bahçesehir University, Social Sciences Institute MBA and Executive MBA programs.
In addition, she serves as a Board Member at Bahçeşehir University’s Graduate School of Business since 2015.

“Life Long learning for all” is her mission in life. With her involvement at the Graduate school of Business she aims to help develop talented and motivated young people not only for business life but also for community life. Aid them to see and understand the world by looking through the philosophy of science kaleidoscope, appreciate the diversity and complexity of existence, and make sense of it.

In addition to her professional life she is married with two sons and an active member of the community. She is a sports enthusiast. She has been a competitive swimmer and a tennis player in her early years. She is also an accomplished skier and became a pro diver in 2016. Long range swimming, diving, hiking is among her hobbies. She actively performs fitness training and running.

Merve’s areas of interest include strategic management, organizational behavior, social psychology international trade, New generation fitness.
She speaks fluently English, Turkish.